Discover from a broader consciousness what can help you clear blockages

Want to take big steps in your personal development?

Then go on a trip with MindTravellers. On an inner journey to unknown, unexplored areas within yourself. To the place where you gain access to other perspectives and illuminating answers. A destination that you cannot easily reach with normal conversations. A Psilohuasca experience, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or a Magic Truffle experience can enrich you enormously.

With the help of our plant medicines you descend into yourself to explore new areas. Your subconscious shows you surprising panoramas. Insights and wisdom to investigate important life questions with a different perspective. This way you can transform old blockages from the deepest layer of your being.

Does this appeal to you? Then book a plant medicine session with MindTravellers or contact us for more information

Go to a deep layer of awareness and emotional processing at MindTravellers

Psilohuasca Ceremony

Experience the special combination of visionary plants with psilocybin, which leads you on a deep journey of self-exploration and inner awakening.

Magic Truffle Ceremony

Find your inner compass and make room for your feelings instead of denying them.

Read more about our magic truffle ceremonies

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Ceremony

Embark on a unique path of introspection with our Hawaiian Baby Woodrose ceremonies, exploring the depths of your consciousness with this special visionary plant.

Session information

MindTravellers offers various psychedelic trips. This can be done individually or in small groups (4 to 8 people). There are also group sessions for up to 10 people.

Private sessions take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Group sessions are on Saturdays and start at 12:00 noon until the following day on Sunday, approximately 11:30 am.

​What does it look like?

We start with an information session of one hour, in which we explain everything. Then the ceremony begins with setting an intention, in a ceremonial way and then your inner journey begins.

This usually takes between six and eight hours, everyone decides when they are ready, without time pressure. During your trip, the specially composed playlist alternates with home-made music by the guides with their own instruments. You experience everything, the music takes you to various adventures.

After your trip there is a light vegetarian meal, followed by a sharing, where you share what you want to share. That is an important part of your integration process.

After the inner journey, everyone at their own pace, you will receive a healthy soup and a light (vegetarian) meal. Experience shows that people are often tired and want to go to sleep on time. The sleeping places have also been prepared for you, you will be completely taken care of!

The next morning we have breakfast around 8:00 am and start sharing around 9:00 am. This means that you will have the opportunity to share with your group members what you want to share about your experience. Then we take a nice quiet walk along the Lek River. For enthusiasts, we can take a ‘Wim Hof dip’ or gaze at the clouds or be in silence with nature.

If it rains, or if the group chooses, instead of walking, we can also make a canvas (all supplies are ready for you), on which you can express your experience without words. You can show and explain these to the rest of the group – as and if you wish. This way we have enough time for and with each other to land quietly again. Those are also very nice moments from this weekend.

Should you wish to speak to a professional integration coach, we can help you find someone in our network. This can be helpful if you’re a little confused or anxious about what you’ve been through.

Or if you want to make changes in your life based on new insights, but don’t know how.


After your registration, you will receive a questionnaire from us via email. For your and our safety

we ask you to complete this as completely and honestly as possible. These questions are about your physical and mental health.

There are also questions about your motivation, why you would like to participate as a participant and what your expectations are. Because we know one thing for sure; it’s always going to be different than you expect. You can read a lot about it, but the experience is so much more and richer than what you can find online or in books.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Collaboration with the University of Maastricht

Maastricht University, together with MindTravellers and other parties, conducts groundbreaking research into the influence of Plant Medicines on health and well-being.
Dr. Kim van Oorsouw, psychopharmacologist at this university, conducts research to scientifically explain the life-changing experiences. What exactly happens in the brain when you are under the influence of plant medicines?

Research with brain scans has shown that the plant medicine increases activity in the brain. This creates new branches and new connections. This makes it possible to reevaluate past events. In addition, the short and long-term effects are mapped out. Recent findings show that taking a Plant Medicine journey has a positive effect on quality of life and reduces stress, anxiety and depression.


To get the most out of your trip, it is important to prepare yourself energetically. This means that it is best to avoid dairy products and red meat prior to the trip. We recommend eating as naturally as possible and starting about 2 weeks in advance. This way you can start your trip as ‘cleanly as possible’. It also helps to consciously prepare yourself. Read more about our dietary advice in the FAQ


Just like having a motivation to take a trip with us, it is important to clarify your intention. This way you can get the most out of your trip. What do you hope to achieve with your journey, what would you like to get out of it? An example could be; ‘I would like to learn what is important to me at the moment’. Or ‘what is my own role in…’

Think about this in the days before your trip, or write down some ideas. In the group sessions there is a special moment to share your intention if you wish, everyone receives a candle that is lit by setting your intention for your journey. So you can use that as a compass during your journey.

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