Magic Truffels

Let your heart glow and your energy flow

A plant medicine that opens a gateway to growth, transformation and new vistas

MindTravellers also offers magic truffle tours. That’s the same as psilocybin travel. Psilocybin is the active ingredient, in Magic Truffles. A truffle experience – or psilocybin trip – is very special. You start hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling things differently. Also, you often experience, a strong connection with others, with your surroundings and with nature.

Psilocybin is an effective plant medicine. When you use only psilocybin, you can already get a very high state of consciousness. For this you basically don’t need Psilohuasca at all.

A Magic Truffles trip is suitable for people who want to descend into their own minds for the first time and are a little hesitant about the intense and long-lasting experience Psilohuasca offers. The experience with Magic Truffles is somewhat shorter and there is less chance of side effects such as nausea or vomiting.

The psychedelic substances cause you to hear, see, smell and feel things differently. Your brain areas can communicate more freely with each other. This can be healing for conditions such as depression, trauma and addiction.

We can describe a psilocybin trip with a common metaphor; putting a fresh layer of snow on a mountain. With fresh powder, you have much more freedom to ski anywhere (read; a greater ability to think freely and tolerate a wider range of emotions). The psilocybin experience can help you find new, different paths on the mountain, new terrain and new sights (and a sense of yourself as freer and less constrained by previous thought patterns and behaviors).

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Every last weekend of/the month: 3 days
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You may experience the following long-term changes

Background Magic Truffles

There are an incredible number of different types of mushrooms in the world. Some mushrooms can be used by humans for a psychedelic experience. The mushrooms suitable for this purpose are called psilocybin and psilocin. Native Americans have known these for a long time; they were only introduced to the Western world in the last century.

Since 2008, magic mushrooms have not been allowed in the Netherlands. What is allowed is Magic Truffles – called sclerotium or philosopher’s stones. In the soil where mushrooms grow, there is a large network of fungi. This fungus has a white, fibrous structure called mycelium. Certain mushrooms there produce Magic Truffles: a compact hard mass of hardened mycelium. Magic Truffles consist of fifty percent water. The final product looks a bit like “ordinary” truffles from the culinary world. It tastes a bit like unripe walnut. Magic Truffles are legal. You just buy them at the smartshop.

The magic truffles we use at Mindtravellers are specifically bred for emotions; the visual effects are less intense. This is different from the magic truffles you can buy in the smartshop, where the visual effects are actually very present.

Why Magic Truffels

Scientific studies, including a large study by the John Hopkins Medical Center in America show that psilocybin also gives very strong visual mystical experiences.

Although we may not make health claims here, many studies promise very good results for depression, for example. Three Dutch university medical centers are currently investigating the effectiveness of psilocybin in treatment-resistant depression. The results are promising. Magic Truffles trips are offered in conjunction with Psilohuasca Ceremonies, which combines well.

So these are bookable every weekend.

How do you feel?

The advantage of psilocybin is that you have less physical discomfort. So you are much less likely to get nauseous. We see that this allows you to have a more peaceful and deep journey.

Magic Truffles begin to work half an hour to an hour after ingestion. After an hour or two, the effect is strongest. The entire experience lasts three to six hours. Psilocybin is a very strong and effective drug. It can cause changes in sensations, thought processes and emotions. It can lead to changes in your sense of self, or your perception of time and even the nature of reality. This is temporary; by the time your inner journey ends, you feel normal again. It can also give you psychological insights that feel new and different from your current ideas about who you are, or how the world works. Simply put, it expands your awareness of what life and your psyche can contain. This leads to greater flexibility in your thinking patterns. That can feel like a relief.

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