At MindTravellers we offer two-day, three-day and private ceremonies, in which you can experience the power of psychedelics under the guidance of experienced professionals.

A plant medicine that opens a gateway to growth, transformation and new vistas

Psilohuasca is the collective name of our most popular plant medicine. This is a combination of an MAO inhibitor and Magic Truffles. Combining psilocybin (found in truffles) with an MAOI can result in an experience that is really quite similar to that of ayahuasca, a traditional indigenous drink used for spiritual and healing purposes that is also legal.

Psilohuasca is often seen as an alternative to ayahuasca because it has the potential to produce similar effects without the need for ingesting the herbal ingredients used in ayahuasca. It opens the gateway to insights that are not, or not easily, accessible in our daily lives.

Psilohuasca brings about an altered and heightened consciousness, as if you are entering another world.

A Psilohuasca experience is a journey through unknown landscapes within yourself, from which you return amazed. With a backpack full of new insights and perspectives. You make deep contact with your subconscious and can reflect on yourself in an intense way. You experience that you are part of a much greater whole and are overwhelmed by love.

Certain things that used to seem complicated can suddenly become surprisingly simple. In this way, you are able to let go of non-helpful patterns. You replace them with helping patterns.

Research has shown that Psilohuasca creates new connections between brain regions. This allows you to literally look at your problems with an empowered brain.

Psilohuasca; the difference from ayahuasca is small

Your thoughts and feelings take on a different meaning with the ingestion of magic truffles. The truffles are consumed ceremonially and have strong cleansing, visionary and healing effects.

Psilohuasca can also be confrontational because your Inner Healing Intelligence shows you mirrors of your soul, which may mean that you need to change something in order to grow. It also occurs that you may experience very intensely where blockages in your present life come from. And what you yourself (un)consciously perpetuate.

More about Psilohuasca

Psilohuasca and Ayahuasca activate similar receptors in your brain, so the effects are close to each other and therefore the experience. This is due to the slight difference in the receptor profile of the psychoactive substance.

Plant ceremonies are not for everyone. Before participating in a ceremony, you should actually always fill out an intake form.
If one or more of the contraindications below apply to you, it is best not to participate. In fact, it is dangerous to combine these substances with psilohuasca.

For whom.

If you are open to new insights and lessons about you and want to face the things that are important to you. If you want to gain self-knowledge and are willing to look in all the mirrors and take responsibility for your life.

It may also be appropriate for people who somehow continue to face repetitive patterns. That could be difficulty making decisions, or life issues. Or not feeling self-love (anymore). Or have problems with gloom, anxiety or addictions.

You can gain important insights into the problems of your life and explore them yourself with your “inner healing wisdom” that lets you see from love, a different perspective. For your Own Wisdom is the purest source of your truth.

There are countless problems and questions for which our plant ceremonies can help bring a new perspective. Examples include: Burnout, depression, stress, sadness, loneliness, negative self-image and more.

Especially from the standpoint of personal growth, it is a very special experience to become acquainted with your own inner world of experience, which is richer than you can imagine.

What to expect.

Actually, it is impossible to describe the effects of Psilohuasca in words. It is a journey through an unknown landscape from which you return amazed, with a backpack filled with new insights and ideas. People often say afterwards that it was as if they could speak to a version of themselves from a deep well of wisdom.

This intense process can be confrontational. Hidden emotions may surface that seem difficult to bear. But know that Psilohuasca generally never lets you see more than you can handle. Moreover, we provide professional, loving and above all safe guidance during your trip.

If you decide to do this, a fantastic and in many ways enriching journey awaits you. What you will experience and encounter on this trip is not known in advance. Just as the Indians trusted nature, you can trust that your journey will give you exactly what you need. And that you have the skills to work with what is given to you

Ceremony information

We will start together at 12 p.m. at Nijverheidsweg 7 in Culemborg. Then we start with the briefing, where we explain what to expect and how the ceremony will proceed. This is also where all your questions can be answered. This takes about three quarters of an hour to an hour.

Then we begin the ceremony, which lasts between 5 and 8 hours. You are well guided throughout the process and can be confident that you are in good hands. We take good care of you so you can fully concentrate on your first inner journey.

After the inner journey, each at their own pace, you will receive a healthy soup and a light (vegetarian) meal. Experience shows that people are often tired and want to go to sleep early. Sleeping arrangements have also been prepared; you will be completely taken care of!

The next morning we have breakfast around 8:00 a.m. and start sharing experiences at 9:00 a.m. This gives you the opportunity to share with group members what you want to share about your experience. Then we take a nice leisurely walk along the Lek River. For those who are interested, we can take a “Wim Hof dive” or just stare at the clouds or be in silence with nature.

After a light lunch of fruit, soup and sandwiches, we will begin a sound healing session. If it’s raining, or if the group prefers, instead of walking we can also make a canvas (all materials are provided for you) on which you can express your experience without words. You can show and explain this to the rest of the group as much as you like. This gives enough time to land quietly with each other again. These are also very special moments of this beautiful gathering. We will conclude together after a lunch of sandwiches, allowing you to leave around 11:30 am.

Psilohuasca- a combination of Magic Truffles and a plant containing an MAO inhibitor

Psilohuasca is a combination of the magic truffle, with the MAOI of Ayahuasca, the vine Banisteropsis Caapi. Truffles contain psilocybin, a substance that is not addictive and is converted to psilocin in the body. Psilocin affects important nodes in the brain and changes the control of our thinking. It is similar to serotonin, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies.

Psilocybin frees unconscious knowledge and makes it available, allowing you to get in touch with emotions, life lessons, future and past.

Using an MAOI with it will make the effect last longer.

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