About us

Our teamwork makes the dreamwork

Who are we?

MindTravellers are a group of people who have a positive and curious outlook on life and love us people and our nature. Personal development, growth and transformation are very important to us.

When we became acquainted with the healing powers of Psilohuasca and other psychedelic substances, we were struck by their magical healing effect. A whole new world literally opened up for us.

Our work is our passion

We find this work very inspiring. Our work is our passion and we are happy that we have already been able to help many people take a step further in their personal development.

We also want to offer you the opportunity to experience this deeper layer. So that you, like us, can take a different look at yourself and your own life. We offer you a relaxing setting where you will feel at home.

Where you will feel safe. And where you dare to completely surrender to the experience that awaits you. We are surrounded by a fantastic team of supervisors. They have a therapeutic background and are very experienced in guiding MindTravellers trips. MindTravellers feels like a family. Ons teamwork makes the dream work!

Our vision

We stand for a combination of traditional knowledge and modern research. Our ceremonies are given from a self-development approach. Because we see self-knowledge as the beginning of all wisdom. You gain self-knowledge with the help of the plant medicine.

We work together with the plant medicine, with respect for the mystical and spiritual aspect and without it being in a shamanistic way.
We let the spirit of the Psilohuasca determine your process and are there to help you, without directing the process. Because that is what your inner healing wisdom, your own compass, does. There are no group activities or dancing with us. We consciously chose that.

Our collaboration with Maastricht University is very important to us, because we contribute to modern science so that it becomes easier for everyone to use Psilohuasca in the future.

Our relationship with nature

We love nature.

Experiences with plant medicines bring you closer to nature. You experience that you are part of it, and part of a larger whole. Everything is nature, you are nature: you can be proud of that and have even more respect for it after your trip. The Plant Medicines bring you back to the core, to the source where all life comes from.

In the weekend ceremony, on the second day after sharing, we take a walk through the beautiful nature that is near the ceremony space.

We then get out of our heads with a silent walk or a refreshing dip in the river. This way you experience that your connection with nature is important for a sense of balance.

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