The difference between Psilohuasca and Ayahuasca

Verschil Psilohuasca en Ayahuasca

Psilohuasca is a powerful entheogenic substance that, like ayahuasca, can provide a profound spiritual experience. The main difference between psilohuasca and ayahuasca is their legality and composition. Psilohuasca combines psilocybin, derived from certain mushrooms or truffles, with an MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) from the ayahuasca vine. This makes it legal in many areas, making it […]

Psychedelic ayahuasca works against severe depression, study finds

“Leon” is a young Brazilian man who has long struggled with depression. He keeps an anonymous blog, in Portuguese, where he describes the challenge of living with a mental illness that affects some 300 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Leon is among the roughly 30 percent of those patients with treatment-resistant […]

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