Integration is a very important part of your process. Because you can take away the most valuable insights, if you (can’t) do anything with them in your daily life, you are sometimes left with mixed feelings. So what now?

Typically, participants feel calm and light after a MindTravellers trip. They are happy with what they experienced and with the insights they gained. They feel ready to integrate their experiences into their lives. By thinking about it themselves or talking about it with those around them.

It may also be that painful topics have been raised that you would like to talk to us about again. Of course you can, and we are here for you. For processing and integrating your experiences, you are welcome with us.

Should you wish to speak to a professional integration coach, we can help you find someone in our network. This can be helpful if you’re a little confused or anxious about what you’ve been through.

Or if you want to make changes in your life based on new insights, but don’t know how.

From the conceptual to reality

Psychedelic integration is an essential part of the psychedelic experience because it is the activity, which makes the insights real.

It is the work that moves insight from the conceptual to the reality we live in.

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